About Innkeepers

Julie and Martha, Your Cape Cod B&B Innkeepers

Julie and Martha met in 1998 when Martha knocked on Julie’s door. Julie and her golden retriever puppy were looking for a housemate at their Arlington, Va., home. And there Martha was. The transition to love was an easy one, but it took a little longer to find their way to their future as innkeepers of the great Cape Cod B&B at Woods Hole Passage Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Our History Before Cape Cod B&B Innkeeping

Martha, the adventurous one, had just left a career in television editing for the likes of National Geographic and Discovery Channel and was on her way to becoming a pastry chef. Julie, the linear-thinking one, began her career as a reporter and editor in high school, collected internships (including a stint in London) in college, and made her way to Washington, D.C., where she helped cover the Supreme Court for United Press International. Three kids later, the family moved to Cape Cod where Martha had spent several summers during her undergraduate years at Emerson College in Boston.

Living the Dream of Cape Cod B&B Innkeeping Is a Family Affair

The couple knew they had found their dream B&B when their oldest daughter, Petra, and their twin daughters, Tess and Nola, saw the expansive, landscaped lawn and gardens and began rolling in the grass like puppies. The girls attend elementary school in Falmouth and spend their summers exploring the terrific marshes and ever-changing waters around Woods Hole. They all help at the Inn in their own fabulous way! Julie continues to work at the same full-time editing job she had in Northern Virginia, but she telecommutes from her desk at the B&B. And Martha holds it all together, running the entire show and presenting the most dazzling and delicious art on a breakfast plate every morning.

Together, the family is proud and eager to welcome guests of all ages — from infants to elders — to enjoy their Cape Cod B&B and all this charming area of New England has to offer.