About the Innkeeper

Liza, Your Cape Cod Innkeeper

Liza is one of the lucky ones, who had the distinct pleasure of growing up on beautiful Cape Cod. She spent her summers as a child playing on the beach in Falmouth; examining all the intertidal creatures she could manage to get her hands on! After graduating from college, unsure of what career path she should take, Liza tried a number of professions (environmental consulting, photography, scientific research, among others). Unsure of her calling, she decided she would work to travel and set off to explore the world. After many years of fantastic adventures on 5 different continents, Liza decided to come back to Woods Hole and pursue a Masters in Biology at the Marine Biological Laboratory. In her last year, a handsome Spaniard caught her eye one afternoon at the Leeside (now Quickshole Tavern). A year later, after graduating, she set off to Spain for a wonderful few years in Barcelona. Liza and her husband returned to Cape Cod and started a family. After many years of being hosted by others, Liza now relishes her chance to share her beautiful corner of the world with travelers.

Together, Liza and her family are proud and eager to welcome guests of all ages — from infants to elders — to enjoy their Cape Cod inn and all this charming area of New England has to offer.