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We’re Green

Environmentally Friendly Lodging on Cape Cod

The Woods Hole Passage Inn is committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of service and comfort for our guests, while keeping our environmental impact (or carbon footprint) to a minimum by offering environmentally friendly lodging at our Cape Cod location between Falmouth and Woods Hole.

Environmentally Friendly Lodging Policies

  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.
  • Energy Star appliances are in use wherever possible, and Energy Star certified light bulbs have replaced incandescent bulbs.
  • We turn off electric amenities when not in use, and encourage our guests to do the same. This includes air conditioners, fans and lights.
  • Water-saving aerators are installed on every sink. Low-flow shower-heads & toilets are installed throughout.
  • We purchase in bulk whenever possible, to help reduce excess packaging.
  • Refillable shampoo and conditioner dispensers in all showers eliminate use of plastic bottles. Glass carafes are used for dispensing spring water for drinking, further reducing the use of plastic bottles.
  • Environmentally safe, all natural cleaning products are used for glass surfaces, toilet bowls, laundry, & dishwasher.
  • All natural, non-toxic, bath products including shampoo, soap & lotion are available for our guests’ use.
  • We participate in the Clean the World recycling program, which collects and sanitizes discarded soap and distributes it through nonprofit groups to families at home and abroad.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue all have a high post consumer content. Our office uses recycled paper products as well, and our promotional materials are printed on recycled paper.
  • Organic towels and bath mats are used in all bathrooms. As they are retired from use, bed linens will be replaced with organic ones. Old towels and sheets are given to a reuse program.
  • We allow guests to decide if their towels need to be changed – signaling us by placing towels they wish replaced on the bathroom floor.
  • A rain barrel is used to collect water for the vegetable, herb and flower gardens. We compost kitchen waste to use in gardens, along with non-toxic fertilizers.
  • Broken equipment is repaired and reused. Functioning equipment that is no longer needed is donated to charity.
  • We participate in the Falmouth waste recycling program.
  • Low VOC paints will be purchased for all future new construction or refurbishment.

Hike-or-Bike Program Is Part of Our Environmentally Friendly Lodging

We encourage our guests to. . .

We provide a map of the peninsula detailing 6 different routes for our guests to explore. Click here to preview easy walking destinations in the surrounding area.

We encourage you to rent bicycles from our local bike shop (Corner Cycle) that can be delivered to our front door. Here are some places to visit in Woods Hole:

Let Us Know What You Think of Our Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Lodging

We encourage feedback from our guests. We are happy to share our knowledge, and eager to learn, grow & improve whenever we can. Our goal is to tread as softly as possible on our beautiful planet.